Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mori Mattias Has Arrived

More Blue has arrived in person, 7/2/07 now has a special place in our calendars, as Aiden's little brother is here and doing all of the normal baby things, you guessed it. We have been enjoying the little 7 lb. 6 ouncer, he is a true blessing, sent from the giver of all good gifts. Thanks for praising God with us at the arrival of a precious little soul. God blessed us with a natural birth, and Mom and baby are recovering well, they both did an incredible job in the amazing process of ushering life into our presence.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Little Bro.

It is amazing, and exciting that todays technology can allow us to sneak a peek at the unborn. Here is a preview of the little life that continues to kick and let us know he is soon to be part of the family in mid-July. We're excited for his arrival, but we're sure that someone else around here doesn't know the full extent of what is to come. Aiden is fun to watch as he likes to give "Little Brother" a kiss on Mommy's tummy. Praise God for all of His little wonders in this life.

Tractor care. . .

Just wanted to send along some of the thoughts and photos of the the world of a nearly 2-year-old. Quite logical really, tractors have mouths, they must need to eat. It is fun to watch him as he cares for them and takes responsiblity. Shhhhh, they have to sleep too. We wanted to share some of our enjoyment in watching our toddler and his view of the world.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

More blue on the way!

Although the votes were heavily weighted towards pink, looks like we have another little boy on the way! We are excited that Aiden will have a little brother and look forward to whatever God may have in store for this little one.

Thanks for visiting this site- more on the way~!